Saturday, September 13, 2003


Why do I dream so much about Burwell Nebraska? Is it because I was tortured there for 18 years of my life? Was it the rednecks? Who knows! I had a dream last night that I was in my elementary school music class room. It's the same room that we had band practice in as well. I'm working with Dennis and we have a buffet set up for all these people from the Midwest. People are eating and then the lights dimmed and they started singing karaoke. The people who got up sang country and western music, and on top of that nobody could sing well at all. Finally this one girl who looks familiar gets up and sings a song. She sings like a professional and I can't believe it. My dad is all of a sudden sitting next to me and I ask him if this girl was from around Burwell. He tells me yes, and her name which I can't remember, and asks me if I remember her from school. No one else gets up and I start thinking about doing a song too. I'm going to do my standard Black Sabbath or Nazareth songs and rock these rednecks. A few new people walk into the room and they look at the food we have set up, sit down, then call me over. They tell me the pizza sandwiches are stale and wonder if we will be bringing more out. I asked them if they said pizza sandwiches because this strikes me as weird. They say yes so I start looking for Dennis because he is the one working the buffet. The other dream I had was about visiting some people in another place as well. It was a couple of girls and they were kind of after me if you know what I mean. At one point I'm on the lawn in front of a house having a picnic or something with these girls and they are getting frisky with me. It then dawns on me that Josie is inside the house and I look over to the front door. Josie has been standing there the whole time and is angry as hell. That is all I can remember. I know a lot of things happened in between but can't recall what happened.


Work is going to suck today. I have something over at the Country Club pool with three other people. That means we have to transport everything over there by hand and it's going to take a lot of time. It also means it's Country Club people over there and they are the rudest most self absorbed people in Tucson. Not looking forward to this at all. I'm sure I'll have a lot to write about tonight when I get home. I also signed up to work at the pool watching the slide on my days off. It will be relatively slow so that means I will get to sit on my butt for about eight hours reading my book, drinking beverages, and making about $6.50 an hour. Not great money by any means but it is money and it's better than going out looking for part time work. I just watch the slide and make sure people are following the rules, and that nobody drowns of course. I watched the slide quite a bit during the summer two years ago and one day I only had one kid using the slide, but he used the slide all day long. He was an autistic kid who was about 14 years old and his name was Conner. His mother sat and talked to me for a long time until his dad came to watch him. Conner would talk to himself and sometimes he would pretend to be a porpoise. You know how they can kind of stand up above the water as they bob back and forth moving forward? Conner was trying to do this and making dolphin noises. It was strange.

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