Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Gonna smile, I'm gonna laugh
they're gonna want my autograph
And in a moment of passion
get the glory like Charles Manson
You gotta go go go go goodbye
Glad to see you go go go go goodbye
From the Ramones song "Glad To See You Go"

Looks like Paul Hill won't be murdering anymore people. Funny how he thought "god" approved of his behavior. I guess he's just emulating his own god's behavior. Of course he knew god's mind, and god told him to do it so that frees him of any personal responsibility. It's not like he hurt anyone else when he killed two people. I'm amazed at how many people have fooled themselves into thinking they have gained favor with god. They know what god wants, they are free from guilt because they are god's favorites and give little thought to other peoples rights or beliefs. My beliefs are trodden upon everyday by the so called oppressed religious right and they don't think twice about it or blink a lash. They wish a nasty fiery hell upon me not just for a little while, but for all eternity. Man, isn't that love? Try being an Atheist in public for one day and then you can come back and cry on my shoulder. Anyway, like it or not Paul is gone for good, and the world is a better place today because there is one less idiot roaming the streets, or sucking up valuable tax dollars.

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