Tuesday, September 16, 2003


When I woke up this morning I had a tiny pain on my back. I thought maybe it was a cut or something and it was in a spot I couldn't see in the mirror. I ended up feeling around and found the spot on my back, and it felt weird. It felt like a tiny scab or an ingrown hair. I finally got a hold on whatever it was and it turned out to be a piece of glass that was more than a quarter inch long and very very thin. At least I think it was glass. Now how in the hell did that piece of glass get there first of all. Second, where did it come from. Third, I would have felt something that long going in so why don't I remember anything sticking me in the back there. I'm puzzled to say the least. It's times like these that you want to give those who said they have been abducted by aliens a little nod or something. I really can't imagine how that thing got in my back without me noticing.


Been kind of busy the past couple of days so I didn't sit down and take time to type anything out. Work is picking up slightly so that is good, plus I picked up watching the water slide at the pool tomorrow and the next day mainly to get hours. I need to have a minimum of 1440 hours a year to remain full time in my current position at work and I'm still about 400 hours away.  So I have no days off this week but it's money I otherwise wouldn't have had. I also tapped into my 401(k) to make sure I didn't go into the red this month. So I'm not sot depressed anymore. The next two years of business are shaping up already so that looks good too. I'm now also part of the safety committee at work. Josie is jealous as hell because the other person from our department that is on the safety committee is Diane and Josie feels threatened by her for some reason. She's even had dreams that I was getting it on with Diane and she walked in on us. Weird. So when Josie found out I was on the committee with Diane she just about went through the roof. Easy honey, it's a safety committee, not a weekend romp in a downtown hotel.


I had a dream last night that a god was speaking to me or a group of people including me. He took on the form of a giant black hole that was swallowing an entire galaxy. Don't know what this god was saying but I remember the conversation being telepathic. When the god was speaking there was a glowing light coming from the event horizon and down to earth. When information was being offered back glowing light came from the earth and up to the edge of the galaxy. It may have even been a movie I was watching in my dream because I remember something about it being a movie but it's all pretty vague. Also more dreams about Burwell Nebraska that I can't recall.


Speaking of Burwell, I got a letter from a classmate last week asking if I would be interested  in attending a class reunion for the Burwell High School class of 1984. My answer is Fuck No! I wasn't well received in that little redneck town by the people or by my classmates in that town. I only kept in touch with about four of the people I went to school with and now I only write to two of those people via E-mail once or twice a year. I never had many friends growing up there but had dozens and dozens of friends here in Tucson. So do I want to go back to Nebraska next year to visit with people I didn't like 20 years ago? I threw the letter in the trash without a second thought.

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