Thursday, September 04, 2003


This mornings dream was a bit weird. I dreamt I was at the park in Burwell Nebraska up where the small dam is just above the parks pond. Some kind of ritual was going on involving either government people or upper management from work. In the ritual about eight or ten people are standing in a line, all with their arms around each other. They descend into the water walking backwards then float out into the small reservoir. Next I'm over by the river where the spill way from the dam is and I'm hoping nobody is stupid enough to try and swim through it. Back in the late 70's some people had tried to take their canoes through it and some people almost drowned. So back to the dream. I'm watching the spill way and a body floats through. The body makes it past the spillway and floats to the edge of the river where I jump in a pull it onto the bank. It's still warm but I can find no pulse. The body is of a rather large male, very muscular. The guy wakes up and asks what happened, I tell him and he thanks me for saving his life. Seems as if he is really drunk, he told me he had just passed out near the damn. Things kind of go into weird dream mode and I'm near the same spot where this girl is spray painting something on a billboard. It's some kind of gang symbol that she is painting over, signifying that a murder wasn't successful. Seems his girlfriend had tried to whack him by pushing his drunk ass into the water. The next think I see is this small gang in a 70's Chevey convertible with the top down. They are on the dirt road between the ballpark and the park near the kids play area. The guy I pulled from the river is now intoxicated beyond all belief and is suicidal. As they take off he throws his arms in the air like he is on a roller coaster or at some kind of religious sermon doing the whole take me Jesus thing. That's when I woke up.

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