Friday, September 12, 2003


Josie is the queen of foul attitudes when she is on her period. You could tell her that she just won the Power Ball lottery and she would tell you in her little Chicana accent, "You can kiss my ass!" So tonight I was helping Brandon with his homework which he is more than capable of doing but needs help slowing down and writing neatly. He doesn't need to turn his work in until next week but he's already almost done with it. So I'm making him rewrite a few numbers and he starts blowing me off. I have to repeat things like three times before I get his attention and then I reminded him that his teacher said the same thing, that he isn't listening correctly. Later, Josie in all her wisdom and wit says, "That teacher can suck my pussy! I feel like telling her to bite my bloody pad!" Of course this is the devil speaking through my wife as he always does one week out of the month. I told her she needs to calm down and tone the language down as well. She starts going on about how the teacher can chew on her pad and so on. I walked away at this point because I saw the movie "The Exorcist" and that is what Father Merrin would have done when Pazuzu taunted him. So I go to use the bathroom and there is stuff from the wastebasket ripped up and all over the floor. Obviously Nicky our Chihuahua got in there and reeked havoc while we were all in the dining room doing bills and homework. I yelled down the hall to Josie, "Hey Josie, how did Brandon's teacher get in here and do this?" She walks over and sees tissue paper and a bloody pad or two all torn up covering the carpet. I did get a laugh so don't tell me the devil has no sense of humor. I'm in love with the devil, dirty pad or not.


Feeling much better now. I guess we are all allowed a little depression once in a great while. I can see how disabling depression could be if one were a manic depressive type. I should have just taken yesterday off but I needed the work. Anyway, thanks for the comments! They did help.


Wow, two for one. I loved them both, believe it or not. If it hadn't been for Jack Tripper I would have never known what "gay" meant. Three's Company was my favorite sitcom when I was a kid. I'll never forget listening to my fathers Johnny Cash records. It was the only country music other than Patsy Cline that I appreciated when I was growing up. Three's Company was my favorite sitcom when I was a kid. That is the third loss in the world of entertainment this week. Always seems to come in threes.


Find Another Fool - Quarterflash

Endless Handbag - Lavender Hill Mob

Pre-Menstrual Princess Blues - Stormtroopers of Death

Imprint - Double Drive

Woo Ha - Busta Rhymes

Cuz Its Hot - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult

Temptation - Heaven 17

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