Tuesday, July 01, 2003


Anyone watch WWE RAW last night? I did for about 20 minutes, just long enough to see the new up-and-coming female wrestler Gail Kim win the women's championship during her debut! Not only is she a kick ass professional wrestler, but she's my hot chick of the week. Big props to WWE for taking a chance for a change and giving the belt to someone who isn't established. Gail has been around for a while under the name of La Felina, she fucking rocks! I hope they give her a big push, WWE needs to establish new stars.


I watched the 100 most irresistible women special on TNN last night. BULLSHIT! That's what that show was. This show was written and produced either by women who don't have a clue, or by gay males who don't want to have a clue. All I can say is if you think Queen Latifah is irresistible, or even near the top 100 (they had her rated as #8 out of 100, that's top ten buddy) then your fucked in the head. Here, take a look:

I say we give this spot to Gail Kim! Sure, Queen Latifah has talent, but come on, I don't think a whole lot of guys find her irresistible. Egad! TNN has failed me twice in three days. The new Ren & Stimpy was just horrible! That cartoon was the shizit for its first and second season! Too bad that was 14 years ago. Maybe it will get better.


You can tell how bored I am when all I have to rave about is WWE and Ren & Stimpy. Not much going on, lots of time off from work, I'll be poor soon. Oh, one last little rant, if you have cable and Showtime then try and catch the movie "Playmate of the Apes." You don't have to watch the whole movie, just enough to realize how incredibly low the depths of film making can go. I didn't know that anybody with $50 and a camcorder could get a movie on Showtime! Watching Ronald Reagan throttle an ewe from behind on black and white film would have been more enthralling! God help me, I'm bored...

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