Monday, July 07, 2003


First of all let me get this right, I'm told I have a choice to go to heaven or hell. Well, I think I know I would choose hell then. Why you ask? Why would I give up going to heaven where I could grovel for eternity and hang out with the likes of these (picture above) idiots? And I know, most of the Christian community would say that these are not the leaders of their movement, but I would beg to differ. Only difference between these people and the ones that lead their churches is that these idiots made it big and have a ton of money. So if you don't want these people representing you then do something about it. I'll choose to stay away from your bleached and flour enriched dogma and can think for myself, thank you. So bask in your smug little self-righteousness and kindly fuck off. You don't see me coming to your door with the truth do you? And if you don't like my views then don't knock on my door, just turn the channel so to speak. Trust me when I say that the Atheists and the non-religious are tired of your shit, I ain't bullshittin'! I walk on the other road buddy so get use to it. Oh, and to those nice young Mormon boys that knocked on the door, I enjoyed the talk immensely! Try learning some history about the Christian church first next time, it will keep you from stating, "I don't know!" over and over again. I can't wait for the Jehovah Witnesses to knock again, but they haven't been back since I invited those two nice elderly ladies in for a nice cold drink and chat on a hot Tucson summer day. Who would have known I knew so much about that damn bible! Who would have known I was going to use one of your own religious tracts against you? Who would have known I was going to use the word "bastardised" when talking about the name of your god. You folks shouldn't just leave those tracts lying around. So you can keep your prayer rags, your faith healing (head bopping and all), your hypocrisy (we are all hypocrites, some of us don't deny it), and your self-righteous hate filled bullshit. If your god is on the right then I'm sticking to the left.

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