Thursday, July 24, 2003

On vacation in Burwell Nebraska. It's rodeo time! My brother James arrived today with his family, and tomorrow my brother Jeff will be here. My mom rented this place for us next door that I had never been in growing up. If it isn't a haunted crack house then I don't know what it is! We have the upstairs rented, down stairs rented to the band playing for the big dance tonight. This should be fun. It's nice and cool compared to Tucson. Highlights of the trip out were Nicky taking a dump on Brandon's pillow and Josie freaking out every five seconds because of my driving. I'll write more when I'm back in Tucson. My mom has a dial up connection and an ancient computer to boot. I'm going to be too afraid to sleep in that house tonight! Miranda won't even go over there!

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