Saturday, July 19, 2003


What a long day! The main things that got accomplished today, refinanced our house for 5.5% (was 7.25%) and got the Direct TV multi-satellite dish installed so that we can watch out local channels with ease. They just started carrying local channels, rabbit ears suck! Got blindsided by a $750 fee at the title agency that I wasn't told about in advance. Motherfuckers. Tomorrow holds promise though, Josies brother Louie is coming over to help get rid of some tree branches and the dogs couch. It's time for that bad boy to go away. They will be sleeping on a floor cushion for dogs and when Josie is pissed off at me I will be sleeping there with them. I'm too tired to reference ball licking and ass sniffing at this wee hour of the morning.


Took an I.Q. test a couple days ago and did pretty good. Scored above average. Still not a genius though. I'm still to tired to reference ball licking. I have to go to bed now, I need sleep.

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