Saturday, July 12, 2003


Mystery solved, it's the skin and blubber of a sperm whale. I guess what happens is just this, the carcass rots in the ocean until the bones simply detach and sink while the skin and blubber stay afloat. So, no mystery animal, no toxic avenging brain, no fun!


Nerds. Funny as they may be nerds grow up to be smart nerds with lots of money. The group we have in-house are a bunch of medical research people but it was basically a nerd convention. Don't get me wrong, it's way cool that they are spending lots of cash where I work and keeping me employed, but ease up a bit people. The funniest part of the evening was when I was changing out some of the pies they had for desert and guess who I hear behind me?

Yep, Marvin the Martian! I had no idea he was from India though. It was weird hearing that voice asking me for cheesecake. He didn't call me earthling either. Anyway, it was nice having people paying $67 a head plus alcohol, as apposed to the $12 bullshit buffet the locals got one the 4th.


Got my rooms taken care of in Colorado Springs today. Being a Starwood Employee has it's advantages, I'm getting my rooms for $29 a night! And being a Costco member is getting me 25% off of my rental car from Alamo. So in two weeks it's off to Burwell, Nebraska and it's going to be Rodeo week so watch the fuck out! I hate cowboys, I hate country, and all that other redneck bullshit. I'm not afraid to kick some ass. Don't make me kick some ass, because it's my vacation BEEYATCH!


A buddy of mine just sent me an E-mail. He had a bunch of games in his shared folder in Kazaa. Well, the man wrote his internet provider and he needs to get rid of that stuff right away. So he calls and asks me if I think he should remove it or not? HELLO! Common sense dude!


Cinnamon Spider - Jack Off Jill

Nazi Halo - Jack Off Jill

Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mothers - Ray Wylie

Hey Stoopid - Alice Cooper

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