Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Nobody can smell up a house like Josie's mom can! Damn, you would think that chemical spray would mask it but it only intensifies the smell in the long run. I always felt proud being able to putrefy our humble surroundings and send the kids running, but I have been shown the error of my ways. I no longer find it funny seeing that I've been beaten at my own game. Holy shit, what in the hell does one eat to produce that acrid nastiness?


I told you being a nice guy would bite me in the ass! I allowed Josie's mom to move in because I didn't want to be a bad guy, I wanted to help. I knew that this would turn on me though because I know how her family operates. I have a full time job as does Josie. I have two children that I have to make sure get an education, food, and a decent existence. Josie's family have criticized us for not baby sitting her mom 24 hours a day. She isn't that feeble and doesn't need that kind of care. Also, family members are showing up on a daily basis asking for money for beer and hanging around to get fed as well. It's now starting to effect my marriage and I'm afraid things are going to degrade to the point where Josie's mom will have to move out and live with someone else. Josie and I talked about this tonight and she agreed that if others think a better job can be done then they can step forward and take over. I was very clear at the beginning of this venture that I would not let this come between my family and I. Stay tuned, it's going to get worse before it gets better.


Simply put, I will not be censoring my blog after much thought. I'm not here to offend the reader, and understand if I am having a rant that is against Christianity then chances are I have a reason behind it so don't take it personally unless I have your name attached to the post. Also understand that this isn't a country being run by people of the Left Hand Path but rather Christians, so if you don't want me to fight back, then get those that attack my very existence daily to stop attacking me. Start with our lovely president and his idea that we need to amend the constitution. Try walking in my shoes for one day, I've already walked hundreds of miles in  yours. No hard feelings towards anyone, I just want to keep this blog honest, no matter how bizarre it may seem to the average person. The purpose of this blog was and still is a place for me to jot things down that are effecting me on a daily basis. This included all the strange shit that happens to me and some times it helps to type it out to relieve stress. If you have questions or wish to send me IMs I'm willing to talk to anybody about the subject of the paranormal or even religion. And again, this blog is a type of therapy for me, don't take the things I say here personally.

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