Tuesday, March 23, 2004


I made it out for a change! Went out and ate sushi, had some drinks, and even talked the band that was playing into letting me get up on stage with them and they let me sing a song! It was totally rad I tell you! I got great props from the people at the bar as well, even though it didn't go as well as I had hoped. My friends said I kicked ass. Then I started feeling real sick. May have been the wasabi interacting with the alcohol plus I smoked a few cigarettes (I don't smoke often) on top of all of that. So, I went home and did the Pepto thing and fell asleep. I think all the Tucson bloggers should get together and do Karaoke one of these nights. Oh, it was also Josie's birthday! I got her a nice arrangement of flowers, a card, and $30. She was pissed off that I didn't take her out anywhere. I told her she was lucky that I even got her anything seeing she hasn't even told me Happy Birthday in years, let alone gotten me anything. Sushi, motherfuckers!


Twice now I have dreamt that Josie and I are at the adult store. Nothing really happens, just browsing. The funny thing is that Josie would never go into a place like that even if you paid her! Been dreaming about the greys (aliens) again.


It's going to slow down this week so I have a chance to write here. We have a cast of new on-call workers that is breathing some life into the department. I also have something new on the horizon at work, will type about it when it comes about. I also thanked one of the guest for being at the resort. I do it all of the time, thank them for their business. I guess this impressed one of the meeting planners for the group that was just in house dropping loads of money. So I got some positive feedback from management. It's still weird at work with the people getting fired recently. I have very little to say to some people. I'm mainly only speaking to people I consider my friends at work. There are two people I try to avoid at all costs now. I have a gut feeling things are going to get much better there soon.

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