Thursday, March 11, 2004


It's war at work now. It's an all out power struggle against the old faction and they are going down. Things are unbearable there and I'm being forced to basically live there at the same time. I'm making lots of money so that's alight. One of the alcoholic drug addicts decided to get in my business yesterday, this person is a repeat offender and is going down next. Wish I could say more but I can't. We had one person fired last week, more to come soon. I'm hanging in there, and it's not pretty.


It's hard to remember the funny things that have been happening because of the immensity of the negativity at work. Some guest with funny names this past few weeks were Mike Hunt and Ed Zeppelin. I'm not making this up. Two nights ago while offering coffee to people a gentleman asked if he could get some tea. I asked if he had any preference and he said he liked the hot Asian type. I told him I like hot Asians too, but was curious about the kind of tea he wanted. This guy about fell off his chair from laughter. There is a ton more but I'm tired and have almost zero recall. I need to start writing this down at work as it happens.


My best friend at work just got fired!!!!!! This is getting scary!!!!


Maybe I'm just tired but the desire to keep this blog going is waning. If you read this blog, please give me some good reasons to keep it going! I'm having trouble finding any myself.

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