Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Let them know the comfort, the love, the sheer madness of religion! And people think I'm a whack nut! I don't think I've ever done anything like this to my children. Sure, I've made them sit through Monty Python, I've made them listen to Frank Zappa, and I've even hugged them and told them I love them, but I've never hit them on the head with a sword and made them bleed! Wonder what they do on Hemorrhoid Day? Put down the knives you silly bastards!


Looks like there is or was water on Mars. Probably means life exists or existed there. I think it's their way of inching us towards the "first contact" scenario. Seven years or less, I'm telling you. I heard a guy from SETI say he thinks a minimum of 25 years. We shall see.


What in the fuck is going on with spam? Either retarded people are sending me spam or someone who has no idea how to spell is doing it for them. I got this in my E-mail today:


I took the only one pijll of Cialgs and that was such a GREAT weekend!

All the girls at the party were just punch-drungk with my potentiagl

I have fged all of them THREE times but my dgck WAS able to do some more!

Cgalis - it`s COOL!!! The best weekend stuff I've ever trgied! Haven`t you tgried yet?