Wednesday, March 17, 2004


It's true, I'm my dad now. I repeat all the things I hated my dad saying to me as a child. I have the same temperament as well. Josie calls me by my dads name a lot because she even noticed this. My brothers have said the same thing. How did this happen? I on the other hand am still a rock and roller through and through. I'm still a huge metal head. I'm going to be a scary old man, shitting himself and listening to metal. Euthanasia better be legal when I'm older.


What's up with the hot black chick following me around at Best Buy? She wasn't the prettiest thing in the world but man was she built for speed, and she was following me around the store.  I'm serious, maybe she digs older white dudes, or maybe she caught me checker her out and enjoyed the attention. It was weird. I was buying GameCube stuff, there she is. I walk over to the DVD section, there she is. Car Stereo, there she is. Even followed me to the check out line where she proceeded to whip out a large roll of $100 bills. That whole trip to Best Buy was just weird.


Talking to Dennis as I type this, pretty negative chat. He's thinking about working in a book store or someplace quiet. I'm also finding out how hard it is to type and talk at the same time. Funny how things work at my place of employment. The shit stirrers get treated well and the hard workers get shit on. Life is grand.

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