Sunday, March 07, 2004


I'm tired, I'm living at work, it's busy, that's good and bad. The money is great so I won't bitch. Drama at work is on overdrive, so over the top that one of the old ladies caused herself to have a heart attack! So how do you deal with it? Well, the gossip league seems to think our boss caused it but it's the simple fact that she isn't a healthy person. The schedule for work came out and we are busy as hell, this person is on a hour restriction due to bad health, on the day where every body is working three shifts she got scheduled for a triple, but in three hour shifts. So she has to work nine hours where the rest of us have to work at least 17. Some of the other old ones got her riled up and she had either a mild stroke or heart attack. My advice is that it's time to move on. If I were that ill I would find something that isn't going to kill me. There are a lot of people who need to move on. One of my best friends at work is one of those people, and he has been saying it himself. So I would say, GO! I'm tired of the drama, it used to be such a fun place to work. I have faith that it can be that way again someday. Maybe I will work some magic and win the lottery. Maybe I'm so tired that I'm babbling like an idiot.

Tonight we had an Indian (as in East Indian) wedding. I'm tired so I will keep this brief. Beautiful women. I got complements from the people in my section, they told the meeting planner so that was good for me. It was a royal pain in the ass as far as work goes, I was lucky and got to go home at midnight while others are still there working. I got home and couldn't find another uniform to wear tomorrow. I asked Josie if she had seen one and she got short with me. I walked in here and noticed that Brandon wasn't in his bed. I asked Josie where he is, she got short with me again over a simple fucking question. I blew up and told her not to be such a bitch. I'm going to sleep in Brandon's bed seeing it took an argument just to find out that he is staying the night at a friends house. I am way fucking tired and don't need this shit. I swear, this is behavior stemming from her mom living here and all that. I think it's time for her to go. I won't stand for this!!!

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