Friday, March 26, 2004


That's my new pimp name. This page here is where I was given my new name. I found it via the blog called Idle Type which you can find on my blogroll. J. Ice in the hizzouse!


I'm dreaming about work a lot again. Two nights ago I was stuck on Grant Rd. where the old TanqueVerde swap meet used to be and this caravan of East-Indian people were looking for rides. They were being transported on two large flatbed trucks which had both broken down. I tell them I'm going two blocks, they want rides to New York. So all of a sudden we are on walkie-talkies calling out for 47-Gary. That's radio talk from work. I was in dream land trying to hail a banquet captain for help. I'm loosing it! Then last night I dreamt I was at a meeting with the General Manager and some of my co-workers. I went to say something and the evil ones tried to talk over me. I just talked louder and ended up in the front of the room giving a speech. The GM was sympathetic with me but told me later on in the dream that there was nothing he could do about the nasty ones. I knew I had to do something about all of this.


I'm horny and craving roast beef! What in hells great name is this all about?

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