Sunday, February 29, 2004


I went out and got drunk for the first time in a long time a few nights ago after work with the guys. I never seem to get out anymore and I'll tell ya that I had a blast! I think I might have taken it to far by playing a lot of Journey on the jukebox, but it was balanced out with Black Sabbath and various other rock tunes. Big Red got toasted, and ended up hugging and kissing everybody and telling them he loved them. I got to hear about how I worship Satan and am damned as well, but I'll save that subject for later.


Just haven't been around to write this silly little blog as of late. And for the people who come here and think I'm personally attacking their religious beliefs you need not fret, it's not attack against the reader. It's usually in response to an E-mail or comment made to me at work. Trust me on this one, I have a very good one worked up for here but I will not type it out, even though that is what this blog was intentionally set up for, my little rants. You also have to understand that a person like myself is beat down on a daily basis by Christianity, how can I not dislike it? I don't go out and look to start arguments about the subject, but I'll be damned (as most of them think) if you think I'll stand idly by as people slam me for not being one of the chosen. But anyway, I'm not in the mood to get all lathered up about the subject this morning. So if your offended, I'm sorry. But then again, so am I! Maybe I'll set up another blog strictly for the subject.


I'll try to keep the posts short and happy-go-lucky. I will post a warning from now on if I might offend somebody. Like I said, I'm not attacking the reader here, I'm only responding to people from any given day that have attacked me and set me off. I respect you all coming here, even though it feels like I don't have that many people coming here. Keep the comments coming though, at least I can tell how you all feel when I'm pissing you all off and can respond.

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