Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Was listening to a remote viewer talk on the  radio the other night. This guy is retired at age 30 or so! What does he do for income? He wins lotteries by remote viewing the winning numbers! In laymen's terms, he's a psychic, one of the best. How real is remote viewing? So real that the government sponsored and trained people to do this. I'm not shitting you, do some research! No, he's not a John Edwards "I'm speaking with a dead relative who's name begins with a K or W, and is a man or a woman, and had a mother and a father, once drove in a car, and likes chocolate" type of psychic, he's the real thing. Anyway, after listening to him talk for an hour or so I dozed off, but what he was talking about didn't sit very well with me. Things don't look too bright in the near future for any of us. I hope this guy is wrong, but from what I understand that he was trained by one of the governments top remote viewers and is himself very accurate. We do have the power to change the future though! He confirmed what I have been saying on this blog for over a year now, humans need to evolve now and move beyond religion. It's not advancing us, and never has. He also confirmed one of my theories on the origins of our species, and some pretty far out ideas about advanced civilizations that have interacted with our own. You probably think I'm a loony crackpot who is delusional. Then again, I don't base my morals and life on a book filled with talking donkeys, evil talking snakes, incest, pimping out your daughters to an angry mob to protect angels,  glowing heads, bears sent by god to rip children apart, raining frogs, and emulate conception. If one of my sources and this remote viewer are correct, then you have less than 7 years to go before you get the shock of a life time.


We have a ton of stuff laying around inside the garage that serves us no purpose anymore, mostly simi-broken furniture. So I kept telling Josie that we should just stick this stuff out on the corner of the street by our house and that it would be picked up people driving by. She wouldn't let me do this, wouldn't believe that people would just pick up our garbage off the street to have as their very own. Well, Josie (I'm calling her OCD now as a nick name) was on one of her cleaning missions, and it overflowed from the yard into the garage. She gave me a ration of shit about all the stuff that was cluttering up the garage so I  got Miranda to help me put some of these items on the curb next the street where the ally meets up with it. The first item was gone in less than 30 minutes! Josie couldn't believe it. Then I sat two more items out. About an hour later they were gone too! It was at this time that I realized that the old water heater we replaced in December had been taken as well! Funny, but I'm almost afraid to leave my car in the driveway at this point!

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