Wednesday, February 18, 2004


This is the latest thing the media seems to be beating to a pulp. Mel Gibson's movie about Ted Johnson (real name Yahshua, but people call him Jesus because names don't matter, even though the bible tells you they do) who is put to death on a cross (people who really know their religion and have actually studied it know he was put to death on a living tree) and then arises magically three days and nights (do the math, Easter Sunday doesn't compute) to be seated at the right hand of himself (this schizophrenic shit should throw up a red flag for Christians) for all eternity. Who cares! I hope Gibson does a movie about the holocaust next because that subject hasn't been touched either. Then maybe he and Peter Jackson can collaborate on Jackson's rendition of KING KONG! Drop King Kong and move straight on to THE HOBBIT for god's sake! You know, back to the Jesus thing, it's funny how he's still being portrayed as an effeminate white guy after all of these years. Too bad Andy Warhol isn't still alive, he was an effeminate white male, as was Divine:

which would have been better because they need keep portraying this guy as both effeminate, white, and divine. I personally want to make a movie on the life of Satan and have him portrayed as a red guy with horns, a tail, who hisses when he talks. Charles Nelson Riely:

would play Satan of course, seeing how diabolical he is. Okay, I'll shut up now because I know this will piss off about 90% of the people who read this blog.

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