Sunday, February 15, 2004


Spent last night with Josie, alone! No kids! We spent the night at Corona Ranch. We stayed in this room here:

I just happened to live in this very room in the 80's and lost my virginity here to a girl from El Salvador. I smoked a lot of dope here back in the day. I also spent a lot of lonely hours in this room. It was almost like going home. Josie enjoyed it anyway! I have to go get the camera tomorrow, I locked it by accident in the room. No, no sex pictures! So what we did last night was this. We went out and ate Mexican food, then we went to see the latest Lord of the Rings movie. A lot of people told me they didn't care for the last one but I thought they did a great job! Then we spent time together out at the ranch. We did the nasty, with no interruptions, it was fantastic! I just had to share that!


I walked into the bathroom yesterday and it looked like a small shit hurricane had blown through. Shit on the toilet, on the floor, in the sink along with toilet paper. I asked Brandon if he had taken a dump in there and he said no, that he had done his business in his own bathroom. True, I remember this. Of course this opened up a line of questioning from Brandon. Why did I need to know? What happened? Etc. Miranda was at the mall, Josie was outside, and I was on the computer. Josie's mom had been in there just a while before. So, my conclusion is that she shit herself and did a poor job covering her tracks. I don't think this is the first time this has happened either. So Josie cleaned it up, and had a talk with her mom. Looks like someone is wearing depends from this day out.


March 4th will be this blogs 1st birthday! Almost been a year already! Wow...!

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