Monday, February 23, 2004


Wow, it's been one year of blogging! This started as an experiment and I didn't know I would still be doing this a whole year later. I have got a ton of positive feedback about this page over the past year, a very few negative. Someone wrote me an e-mail a few days ago after they read this and told me it wasn't too late to turn to god and be saved. Well, sorry honey! I've been there and done all that, and it made little to no sense! So sorry I haven't written a whole bunch as of late, felt I would take a week off and start back up as soon as the anniversary date came around. Thanks to everyone who reads this, to the friends I've made this past year because of this blog. I really do enjoy and treasure chatting with you guys when I'm home and able to do so. I hope this next year produces just as many great friends as I have made this year. Rock on you motherfuckers!


I got a huge response about the remote viewing post I put up about a week ago. A lot of people either commented, e-mailed me, or sent me an IM about this. A lot of people wanted to know about the alien thing. This is what I have been told, and I don't mean to be cryptic or anything but I can't talk about how or why I know. What I was told about six years ago is that the truth about alien civilizations would be revealed by the summer of 2005. This was the ultimatum given to our government. I read elsewhere that this was the plan but it's been pushed back, and a remote viewer said this would come to pass within the next seven years. Do I believe this? I won't say yes, and then again I don't think I would be very surprised if I turned on CNN tomorrow and saw huge ships hovering over some major cities like in the movie ID4. Life goes on regardless. If I had to put money on it I would say the chances of a civilization greater than ours making contact with us surpasses the chances of Jesus coming back.


Work was pretty lax this past week. I was given a full plate as far as scheduled work goes but ended up giving about 25% of it away so that I could keep my sanity. At the monthly meeting we were told the word "HAG" will not be tolerated. The boss read the definition and I had to bite me tongue to keep from laughing. Hey, if it looks like one, and it acts like one, then chances are it is one! One of the groups in house has a guy by the name of Michael Hunt. No lie! One of my friends at work said, "Hey, how's Mike Hunt!" Michael didn't find this funny seeing that this has been going on his whole life. I again had to bite my tongue. Also, a friend of mine at work who tends to stretch the truth, no wait, lie a lot came up with some whoppers this past week. I love the guy, I really do! But it's insulting as hell when he does this. I want him to stop and will more than likely confront him about it soon, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. I don't need my intelligence insulted so if your reading this, and you realize I'm talking about you, then please stop! Your a good guy but your full of shit! Nobody believes anything you've been saying, trust me on this one.

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