Monday, February 02, 2004


Yep, I just finished a 12 hour day at work with no breaks and I'm beat. The people we have in house are the elite beautiful people you see in television shows. The only difference with these rich people is that they are stupid. Simple things elude these people. I'm talking simple every day tasks! I'm thinking having hired help to do their every day menial tasks hasn't helped them one bit. They are beautiful though, if not down right hot! Last night they had a comedian that was so bad that just about everyone got up and left. The little bit that I did comedy in the 80's I never had that happen to me. I had four people come up to me and tell me I should have been up on stage. I will agree with them only because she was so bad that there is no way I could be any worse. Dana Carvey is going to be their entertainment in a few days. I've seen him live at work once before and he is funny as hell. Anyway, I have to get up and work so I will type more tomorrow. I'm sorry this post was random but I've had a couple of drinks and I'm beat. Stay tuned!

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