Monday, February 16, 2004


Oy! Man, it's just one of those weird nights and weird stuff is coming to mind so I have to type it out before it's gone. So who remembers that kid from the 70's named Mason Reese? He seemed to be a regular on The Mike Douglas Show as well as doing those damn Underwood commercials that trained me to hate the word "smorgasbord." Their commercials also featured that damn devil that scared the shit out of me. My parents had taken it upon themselves to teach us the fine beliefs of the Christian religion and I was scared to death of the devil. How could people eat this stuff that was endorsed by Satan himself?


I'm having a flood of weird thoughts tonight. I had a recurring dream up till the age of five or six of these little hooded guys coming through the wall in the closet via a void or portal of some sort. They would threaten to take my toys if I didn't do what they wanted. I can't remember what they wanted me to do, but I remember the portal as if it were right here beside me. Remember, I was about four when this happened. I've also run into somebody who had the same thing happen to them at the same age who is my age as well, down to the last detail! This person told me about this without me telling them my story, ever! Weird as anything I can think of, honestly. I also had this weird recurring dream involving this lady and a force field made of some kind of power. This one lasted up until I was a teenager. Like my brother says, there is this weird vortex that surrounds me. I'm going to be honest now, this isn't grandstanding or making up shit to get attention but I have no way to explain a lot of this weird shit that happens to me on a regular basis. The little guys that came through the closet, me drawing UFO's on the wall at the same age, seeing huge eyes in the dark a few years later. How did I see these eyes in the dark? They were reflecting the little bit of light that was coming from the window. All the weird paranormal shit I've witnessed. Me blurting out sentences for people before they had the chance to say them. This happened just a couple of days ago. I actually had one girl tell me she wished I would stay out of her head. It happens more with some people than others. How do you explain these things and try to remain sane? Seriously! I remember a time about 30 years ago when I was at the river swimming with a whole bunch of other kids. This older kids glasses fell off. He yelled, "My glasses!" I was about ten feet away from him and I reached down and grabbed his glasses out of the murky water as naturally as if someone had tossed them at me. Not only was the water so murky that I wouldn't have been able to see them but I was turned around in the opposite direction and had no idea where he had dropped those damn things. I'm not going to entertain the idea of being possessed or demons being attracted to me because to me that seems crazier than any of the things that I have just mentioned. I shouldn't post any of this. I've already posted some of this, and there are people who read this blog that know about these things. I guess this is the reason I created this blog in the first place, to be able to work through these things, try to find some rational explanation for some of these things. Weird shit happens to people all of the time. It's a fact.


Anyone ever hear someone calling their name when they are sleeping or just dozing off? I have a lady who does this all of the time. She did it this week again. Now and again the voice will be made up of bells. I also hear a screen door lightly tapping against it's frame, paper rustling, tapping (from elsewhere, not in this dimension, this one is hard to explain), and the occasional loud boom (hasn't happened in the past four years). There is a lady who holds a silver strand in dream land, and I heard someone talking about this on television with in the past three years on the television. Anyone else have this kind of dream weirdness? I still have the recurring dreams about tornadoes, snakes, flying, my parents house, Corona Ranch, and even driving off of bridges. I know this was a pretty whacked out post, but I have to get it out of my system or I won't be able to sleep tonight! I swear to you I'm not making any of this up.

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