Friday, February 06, 2004


I'm just totally shocked that we as Americans are so offended at this Janet Jackson tit incident. I've seen far worse on television, you've seen far worse on television so why the outcry and the outrage? It's a breast for gods sake! You can gun down sixty people on a prime time show, murder this or that person on prime time, you can have an affair with somebody's spouse on prime time and it's all good. Then comes along the most evil of all evils, the breast of a black woman exposed with a the nipple covered for less than a second and it's the end of civilization! The Antichrist must be alive and well this very day for this was a sign of the Apocalypse! No, it was a boob being flashed for a mere second. If you truly want to be offended turn on TBN for an hour and listen to those blatherskites ramble for about an hour. A boob flashing for an instant vs. my eternity in a burning nasty fiery pit of nastiness? I'll take tit's and ass please!


I don't even know where to start! So I guess I'll start with what is fresh in my mind. Dana Carvey was the entertainment a few nights ago. He was funny as hell. Go see him live if you ever get a chance, you'll laugh I guarantee it! I was standing close to some people wearing kippahs on their heads. I don't think they thought he was all that funny, and proceeded to act stuffy and offended. I'm glad I'm not involved with any religion that would ever cause one to become offended at the drop of a hat, or kippah in this instance. There is a lot I'd like to post about this week but won't because I don't want to offend anyone because I poke fun of stereotypes. The one thing I will say is that rich people from the east coast (no matter what ethnic background) are just plain lazy, clueless, and narcissistic. Anyway, I put in a 15 hour day that day. That has been my life this week, making a lot of money  but tired as hell. I've been called into work tonight which is my only day off and I have a 15 hour or longer shift tomorrow. I asked for Sunday and Monday off and I better get it or I'll be pissed!


I should be back to posting, and will be around to chat with all of you who usually send me IMs. I just wasn't home at all this week! I did sell that piece of shit car for $700 "as is" this week. A friend of mine insisted that I sell it to him even after I explained the condition of the car. So be it. Anyway, my life returns to normal after tomorrow.

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