Monday, February 09, 2004


This is a funny test. Click on THE HELL TEST to see if your going to make it or not. I might still have a chance because I scored 133. I think you have to score at least 200 to go to hell. They didn't ask many questions about Jesus so I think I got off on some kind of technicality. It's going to be hard to fit in when in heaven so I'm sure I'm going regardless. At least there will be wild women and cool music!


I was listening to one of the hardcore Christians talking a couple of nights ago on the way to a cater out function. He was talking about how frugal his family is. They don't buy stuff from the isles of grocery stores, they only shop on the perimeter of the store so they won't be "tempted" by the garbage inside the store. He won't allow his daughters to buy hairspray, because it's overpriced junk, so they have to take Elmer's Glue All and water it down and spray that on instead. They only order pizza from places like Little Ceasers or Peter Pipper because he doesn't believe in spending more than $6.00 for a pizza. This is a guy who believes that being stupid, non-questioning, and a domestic servant is the proper place for a woman in the home. This guy also spent like eight years with UP WITH PEOPLE. I guess it's UP WITH PEOPLE but DOWN WITH YOUR FAMILY! I on the other hand let my kids experience their own lives, make choices for themselves, eat Pizza Hut pizza and I preach abstinence is the best method, abstinence from the Church that is.


I spent my life at work last week! I wasn't home to type on this lovely little journal at all, sorry. I had yesterday off but spent the majority of the day resting and sleeping. I put in just over 70 hours for last week and the tip pool was kick ass so I'm happy that I worked like a slave.

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