Thursday, June 05, 2003


Intriguing things make it up the ass of human beings. I understand the concept of anal sex, or the use of that area during sex, but I don't understand the logic behind the use of certain foreign objects. Everything from spoons, Barbie heads, toy race cars, shower curtain rods, broom sticks, glass bottles, candy, a cement enema, and get this, a trout! At what point on your fishing trip do you get a raging boner and decide, "Wow, this fish is sexy!" People, just go to the fricking local adult shop and pick up a dildo and some lube for god's sake!


Yes, I knew it would happen sooner or later, the stupids would find their way onto my blog. Who are they you may ask yourself? They are the in-laws of course. Tonight was one of there finer performances. Josie's mom has a birthday just around the corner and they were going to have a surprise birthday party for her with a Mexican band and the whole nine yards. The catch is that it was for family only, seeing that there are 13 brothers and sisters in her family. So by the time you have family with wives and husbands and kids there just isn't any room for more people. Anyway, the same retard sister that always starts shit gave a grand performance tonight and had a melt down because she couldn't invite the whole south side of Tucson. Got into name calling, accusations of me being rich, which I am in her eyes because I don't live off of food stamps, and, well, it was just the special Olympics of debate as far as I see it. So, Josie is distressed in a major way because now her sister and her mom are not talking to her again. For me that means peace of mind and less mindless bullshit to deal with for the next few months to a year. Happy-happy-joy-joy. It's a big family mess at this point.

50 cent

Is that guy just a CroMag retard or what? Nuf' said? It's yer birfday. Which brings me to another point, I saw the movie "Whiteboyz" last night. It was about these Iowa kids thinking they were straight up ghetto thugs, know what I'm talkin bout g? Anyway, they end up in Chicago with some real thugs and just about die. Wake up call for white boy. I just don't get this whole white kid thinking they are black routine. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate black people and I hate dopey rich white folk myself, but I'm not disillusioned. I'm a white guy and I deal with it. Doesn't make me un-cool, or even an outcast, just makes me what I am. Don't be afraid to be who you are. REPRESENT YO!

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