Thursday, June 26, 2003


The in-house group we have this week is a healthcare group that deals with nutrition. Funny thing is that 99% of the people attending this seminar are overweight. Now I'm not bagging on fat people, because I'm not a skinny person, but these are the people representing nutrition? There were a lot of overweight people there, and some really big people to boot! I saw at least four people who were as morbidly obese as the lady in the picture above! My wife's ass is smaller than this person's knee (thank god)! Now, we had a simple buffet set up for this group consisting of danish, muffins, bagels, breakfast egg sandwiches, fruit, coffee, and juice. I can see taking a sandwich and maybe something else, but I saw some of these people putting down like 4 sandwiches on top of juice and coffee and a danish or three. Try breathing in between taking bites and don't tell me your big boned lady. And these people want to pursue lawsuits against corporations such as McDonalds and Taco Bell for making them fat? Fess up to it you fat motherfuckers, your responsible for your own actions! Put the fucking Twinkie down and have a salad. I don't remember anything being biggie or super sized when I was a kid, do you? So it's not wrong to want to go have a burger, but Jesus Christ people, it doesn't have to come in a barrel. Now I'm hungry, damn it!

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