Tuesday, June 24, 2003


Remember Waldo, that loveable cartoon person you had to try and find in pictures of giant cartoon crowds all over the world? Well, at work we nicknamed one of the resident crystal meth addicts Waldo (all the drug addicts have nicknames actually) because she was never around, always disappearing and going home early. Well, today we found out where Waldo is! Yep, Waldo got her walking papers and is no longer working with us. I'm not perfect, but then again I'm not worthless either. Someone started to spiral out of control and was in total denial about the whole thing. Well honey, you just found where rock bottom is. Anyway, next on our list of worthless shit is the ever popular scratch and bitch,

another meth addict, and then crusty the clown,

who drinks a lot and is either doing crack or meth with chumley,

pictured here in the yellow tie. Chumley likes to sit at home and smoke crack while he has a giant dildo shoved up his ass. Your wondering how I'm privy to such info aren't you! Well, Chumley hasn't been very discreet about his recreational activities and once you've exposed yourself (literally) in many different circles, well, word gets around. They are all next, it's going to be a rough year!


Jesus! Winterhaven is gone! Mt. Lemmon is on fire and just burning out of control, and it's sad as hell. Sure, it's a natural process and nature has a way of taking care of herself but over 300 cabins and homes have gone up, along with most of Winterhaven. It's just sad knowing that it isn't going to be the same up there anymore. I can see the fire from here as I'm typing this. My favorite camping spot is in danger this evening, the place I want my ashes spread out when I'm dead. I just hope it doesn't burn up tonight. The process of life can be a bitch. I think I'll just blame the devil for all of this.

Music of the Day

Kiss - Rock Bottom
Scandal - Goodbye to You
Charles Ray - Hit the Road, Jack
The Ramones - Glad to See You Go
Foo Fighters - Low
The Doors - The End

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