Monday, June 23, 2003


Well, it (the movie) could have been worse, then again it could have been better. Mainly I just wanted to take Brandon because he is so into superheroes and all. The place was packed but we still got great seats in the middle and a little more than half way up. It's wide open for a sequel just like I though it would be. The movie is o.k. for kids I guess but wasn't my cup of tea. Brandon liked it and that is that counts. He was a happy little man. The best part? Jennifer Connelly was in the movie and she is still hot as ever! She's my hot chick of the week!

Remember her in the movie "Labyrinth"? Or even her in that movie "Career Opportunities" riding that horse in the Target store? Need I say more?


Worked a wedding a couple of nights ago that was record book ghetto! The bride and groom were straight up Chicano gangster looking. You couldn't tell with the lovely couple in their wedding gown and the tux, but the photos they were showing during dinner were thug as hell. The crowd was trailer park deluxe. Highlight of the evening was when some little boy got up and sang that song "A WHOLE NEW WORLD" from the movie Aladdin. In reality it was a whole new key, and way off key at that. I'm spoiled because we have been getting convention business and the money has been pretty good. Well, summer is here and so is the local business with their local prices and their local attitude. I need to stop crying like a bitch. Work is dead! I do work a double shift tomorrow, but looks like I'll be at home doing a lot of nothing next week. I have to be there at 4:15 a.m. and I don't think I'm going to get any sleep tonight.

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