Monday, June 09, 2003


There is only one thing wrong with the most perfect drink ever, it keeps my ass up when I could be sleeping. I need to be asleep right now but the Pepsi fairy is buzzing in my head. It's not that bad of a thing though, I could be all cracked out or high on methamphetamines.


I opened my big mouth up at work and almost got in big trouble. One of the resident meth addicts was bitching and complaining about his placement in the room for a lunch function. He has a bad hand because he fell out of a tree a few months ago and got hurt. As it goes I was given the task of placing people with partners and in sections for service so I put him with only four tables on the corner back of the room with a fellow drug addict instead of five tables like most people had. I was being nice and it was about the best section in the room to have. So scratch and bitch (as I shall call him from now on) started scratching his face and bitching up a storm, not knowing I was the one who drew the diagram and placed him with those tables. I let him know why I put him there and then walked away. Bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch-bitch.... So then I opened my mouth and said, "Maybe I should just bring in a shotgun so some people can put themselves out of their misery." Bad move. If it wasn't for the fact that this dumb ass has said tons of questionable things to me in the past and that he is a meth addict, I think I would have been taken to human resources. He was pissed off and proceeded to bitch about it (surprise) to everyone who would listen, including Josie. From now on I am just going to tell him to go away. Best solution.

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