Friday, June 20, 2003


Got to love those end of the world scenarios when your dreaming! And what's better than that? The Men In Black showing up. O.k. here is what happened, I'm at a very nice resort in the dream with my family. Brandon didn't exist in this dream world but was replaced with a daughter that was two years younger than Miranda. So Josie, Miranda, this other daughter who's name I can't remember, and I are anticipating the end of the world, which is going to be brought about by a meteor hitting the earth. Well, at some point in the dream we see the meteor, and I can't keep thinking how small it is, only the size of a shooting star. It hits about thirty miles off in the distance and the whole huge boom followed by a mushroom cloud and then a wall of dust comes racing towards us. I yell for everyone to take cover behind a hill. The blast hits but its just a very warm dry heat and does no damage. People are running around, it's mayhem for the most part. This is when my buddies known as The Men In Black show up and start running after people, placing this diamond shaped metal object on their shoulder blades. This object is to take the human mind and expanded it to the next level, the next evolution of mankind. I see this as evil and understand that the whole end of the world bit was only a distraction so that the MIB could position themselves for their takeover. I run like hell only to be caught by one of the MIB and right away one of those diamonds is placed on my back and right away my vision goes black. I start yelling, "I'm in darkness, I'm falling into darkness!" The MIB next to me says, "It's temporary, relax." Then everything comes to life in new colors, almost like infrared vision. My knowledge of all things is almost instant as well and I see that it isn't evil but truly as they had explained as everyone was running around, this was the next step in our evolution and I had an expanded knowledge of all things in the universe. It was a happy feeling, and then I woke up.


Miranda and I were watching COPS last night around 2:00 a.m. and as we are watching the show Miranda is hurled into a fit of laughter. It was just a lone cop speaking about how these criminals do whatever they want, then are taken well care of in jail when they are caught with three hot meals a day and a warm bed to sleep in. When I get Miranda to stop laughing I ask her to explain what was so funny. She says, "That cop said they get three hot MALES a day!" This made me laugh too because he did have an accent and I suppose it could have been misconstrued as "hot males" if your mind was elsewhere at the moment. I explained that this only happens for rich white gay folk when they go to prison. I explained to her that Freud was our savior and he died for us so that when we have these slip ups that we should not feel guilty but happy that he has gone ahead and made a place for us in the universe. A place where hot males can be served up three times a day, and peter pulling contests will be held there by the parishioners of St. Taffy's Church. If that went over your head then say tuned for details!

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