Friday, June 27, 2003


You all know by now that I have a major addiction. It's not a drug addiction, nor is it an addiction to gay porn, but rather an addiction to popcorn. Well, I had one of these nifty little poppers some time back but gave it to goodwill when we moved because I didn't think I had anywhere to put it. So for the past few days I went looking for a new one and went everywhere to no avail! Wal-Mart, K-mart, Sears, Uncle Teddys Adult Shop, not a single one of these places had the appliance I needed, however Uncle Teddys Adult Shop has some pretty nifty stuff. What the hell is an anal cone? Anyway it was a godsend in someway because I found one online that is the 8 quart model. Makes it easier to pop more popcorn when Brandon and Miranda (Josie hates my popcorn) are camping out with me watching movies. One last thing about Uncle Teddys Adult Shop, I've never seen so much lube in one place at one time in my entire lifetime. What the hell is that anal cone for?


Jesus (or Satan, take your pick) saved my ass this week by making me work the weekend! Josie and her family (The Stupids) are having a birthday party for her mom. Well, we just got a call from one of her sisters asking if her other sister Laverne had called asking for money. Laverne was providing food for tomorrows festivities but it seems that they have spent all the money and food stamps they had for the party on other things, which probably means beer and cigarettes. Josie said she could give a fuck because she is going to eat before she goes anyway. So here is my prediction, things will be fucked up as usual, there will be fights, no food, tons of beer,  lots of drunken idiotic banter, and feelings will be hurt. I'm glad I'm suck working a wedding tomorrow night!


The pop up comment box that I was using had some problems with its sever so I switched to Squakbox. Sad to say I lost all prior comments but I hope you will start me off anew with some comments. They don't have to be witty, political, or even well thought out, but just leave me something to kick this bad boy into gear! Anal cones...???

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