Monday, June 16, 2003


I think I have mentioned my dreams have been really weird as of late. The Cenobites from the Hellraiser movies made a guest appearance this week. The Cenobites that were in my dream were lesser demons, they were known as Snyphetts. One hand no limbs and was like a part of a torso with machinery attached, the other one was a female type Cenobite that was bound by electrical cords and had an electrical device that she kept putting in her mouth and shocking herself. This isn't the first time a movie monster has entered my dreams. I've had dreams with vampires, demons, witches, giant ratlizards, men in black (no not Will Smith), werewolves, ghosts, aliens (had a very disturbing abduction dream just about a week ago, very disturbing), mummies, zombies, genies, and even a dream where Freddy Kruger from Nightmare on Elm St. was after me. I woke up thinking it was real! I have had dreams about YHWH (god) throwing me into the Mormon version of hell (outer darkness), I had a dream of the crucifixion of the Christian Messiah from his prospective, and of course many Apocalyptic dreams including cannibalistic followers of Satan. I'm not at all normal when it comes to dreaming.


Watched BIGTHINKERS on Techtv yesterday. It was about Daniel C. Dennett and his views on consciousness. Pretty damn cool. Talked about AI, god, consciousness. This episode and the one about Michio Kaku are really good. The whole superstring theory is pretty mind blowing, sub-atomic matter vibrating in 10-dimensional hyperspace, pretty wild. I've actually met Michio Kaku. He was a guest speaker out at work for some conference, he's a brilliant man!

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