Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I'm all for it, and I've even been doing it as of late. I just paid $1.07 for the Unplugged version of Lake of Fire by Nirvana joined by the people who penned that lovely tune, the Meat Puppets. Well, I've hit the wall on 80% of the songs I wanted to pay for. Jackson Brown's Boulevard, good luck finding that. Heart and Soul by T'pau, not happening. I could write the list of tunes on here but that's too involved at the moment. So what am I getting at? Well, I'm tired of the music industry bitching and complaining about music theft. Hey, I've got a brilliant idea, lower the cost of your fucking over priced music and maybe make more of it available! I would spend a whole lot more money if you would make it cheaper for MP3 files, it's not like they are CD quality anyway. And the M4P format is easy enough to get around because I prefer the MP3 format anyway. I use Winamp (it whips the llamas ass!) because of it's ease of use, it's skinnable, and  I've been a loyal user of their product for many years. It doesn't yet support the format iTUNES uses though. Make your product cheaper and easier to access, it's that simple. Now kindly fuck off and stop sniveling like the trite little greedy bitches that you are. Overpaid fuckhounds...


Jesus Crackers and cheese! Nothing could have made this past week any worse, I swear. It started off good on Thursday when  we found Josie's mom an apartment to move into at the same complex where two of her brothers live. I was happy about that because I'm looking forward to having my privacy back and they accepted her application and even helped her out by lowering the rent by ten dollars a month and waving most of the move in costs. Cool shit! Had the next day off, restful and uneventful, Brandon started feeling sick though that night, then a little bit later Josie's mom started feeling ill even though I had no idea. She doesn't talk to me unless it's absolutely necessary. Well, Saturday rolls around and he's not feeling well, and then Alice starts shivering like crazy, almost like convulsions. We rush her to ER and she spends the whole day back there. I was lucky that I took a book because we where there for a hell of a long time. Josie was an emotional mess by the end of the day, and seeing that most of the people in her family are not entirely too bright they didn't help matters much. So she gets admitted to the hospital and spends the night. The next morning I had to take Brandon to see a doctor because his temperature shot up and his throat hurt. I had to call in sick as we soon learned Alice wasn't going home any time soon and in return for their most excellent hospitality they were keeping her gallbladder and running a whole bunch more tests. Well, that was Saturday and now it's Tuesday. She's still in the hospital for this or that reason, and needs someone to watch after her still. That isn't going to happen here because I'm busy at work as is Josie and neither of us can provide the care she needs at the moment. Plus I was already finished with this live in situation before this latest tragedy. This isn't being cold hearted, it's a matter of sanity and keeping my marriage from going into the toilet. I've got enough on my plate the way it is, time for her family to step up and do something!

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