Wednesday, June 09, 2004


THIS JUST IN: Josie's mom moved out of our house, physically anyway. Her furniture is still here but only for a short while. She said she felt better and wanted to get an apartment of her own. We took her to the place she wanted to live and got her qualified to move in and she signed a lease. This pissed everybody off and they all bitched and moaned about what to do but none of them wanted to step and take care of her. Then two days later the family decides she's too old and sick to be living by herself and then she moved in with her daughter Nancy. Now they have to get out of the lease and all that but I don't give a shit, it's out of my hands at this point. Those people can never do anything correctly, it's always half-assed no matter what the situation is. It sure is nice to have privacy again though! I can't wait to get my computer room back!


Oh, I'm just tired. Too much work, too many days. I can't wait for it to slow down a bit. Most of the shit seems to have settled for now. Only one nasty still being real nasty but I'm not turning my back for one second. I'm going to win this.


I'll try to post something of worth in the days coming up. It's been too much with work, Josie's mom, I haven't been feeling well, and did I mention work?

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