Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Check out this link for a special welcome movie I made for all of you to enjoy!


Just wanted to say that I love iTUNES and absolutely hate Sony Connect service. Sony has no clue what they are doing with this service, totally out of sync with the consumer and about as user unfriendly as it can get. Hearken my warning oh internet traveler and stay away from the Connect service. iTUNES on the other hand is great, even if you have to traverse their music format.


Brandon isn't sleeping in his bed these days. Spastic by day, scared by night. He's too scared to sleep by himself thanks to the makers of the RESIDENT EVIL video game. This is reeking havoc on my sex life (not that there is much of one) and I'm a tad pissed off. On the other hand I'm sleeping well when I do get to sleep because there isn't anybody to roll over and tell me I'm snoring.


Work is slowing down and I'm enjoying not having to do much of anything. I wish my tile was in so that I could hook up my stereo and listen to music. I'm great at wasting time by the way!


Bruce Almighty? WTF??? What a load of shit. It had a lot of potential but the religious tone ruined it for me. OH GOD was a better movie than this. I'll quit bitching now...

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