Thursday, June 24, 2004


Lot's of time off means that I should have plenty of time to ramble about nothing on this blog. Stay tuned, I'm going to shave my ass and post pictures of it try and post something a little more witty and interesting. I'll try.


It's out tomorrow! I'll be going to see it with Dennis B. next week sometime. I'm pretty excited about this movie and I hope it makes an impact.


Work has slowed down to a crawl, and next week it's slowing down to a twitch. Less money will be coming in but I'm ready for time off. Guess it's time to do some reading! If I just had my computer room back I would be all set. Josie's mom needs to come and get her stuff soon or I'm going to give it to Miranda.


Man, I attract a lot of perverts here! Here is another list of lovely searches that directed droves of unsavory people to my page:

Girls Naked Ass
Pictures of the Pentacle
Reverend Warren Moon
Secret Fraternity Ritual
Nasty Photos of Mom While She Sleeps
Will a Hand Fit Into a Vagina
Where Can I See Videos of Americans Being Beheaded
"The Locker" GPO
Guy Beheaded
Tucson, Brazilian Wax
Anna Chlumsky
Lady WWF Nude
Females Talking About First Time Masturbation

and tons of people searching for:
Juliya Chernetsky Nude, Naked, ETC.....
I'm sure there aren't any pictures of Juliya naked that are circulating so ease up a bit there people!

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