Sunday, June 13, 2004



Wow! Last night's dream was about the weirdest I've had in a while.First I was dreaming that I was staying overnight in some strange house. My girlfriend is Josie and she is afraid the big thing that has been making noise is going to harm me in some way. The room is in the back and has a fireplace. The image of a rat that has been duct taped is associated with this part of the dream, that must be the thing that was making the noise. Like it was dropping to the floor or something. I then start Dreaming I am on a sitcom where a stinky monster lives in my girlfriends (in this sitcom) basement. Josie just happened to be my girlfriend in this part of the dream too but is quickly replaced by some white girl at some point in the dream. In the dream if you touch the monster you became just like it. I am delivering newspapers or something and I, being nosy, sneaked into the house and touched the monster and became like him. Then in a dream sequence(within the show, remember this is a sitcom) I had a twilight zone like experience where an operation (preformed by the monster himself) was performed on me to make me like everyone else who is normal in the world. In this basement world every one was like the monster, but I woke up in the dream and found out I was ok. I thanked the monster, and he thanked me back. This is all taking place at the top of a carpeted stairwell that leads down into basement. The monster would leave this trail of black stuff trailing behind him that looked like the black magnetic graphite powder you see in those kids toys where you draw the faces. The smell emanating from him was putrid as hell. It  was somewhere between the smell rotting dead flesh and soup. To keep the monster at bay you had to vacuum the black stuff up. I got all of it up, and as I was finishing the girlfriends daughter proceeds to almost go down the steps to the basement which is located in the girlfriends bedroom. By the way this girlfriend that has replaced Josie is white. During the dream it was revealed that the monster had formed from mutating mold and goo from her swimming pool that never got cleaned. I had fallen in somehow and became infected. The monster may have been John Lithgow the actor.


Things have gotten somewhat back to normal here. Josie's mom is gone, there's less stress on her and that means less yelling. My sex life is nonexistent still, unless random bouts of masturbation count. Won't bother you with details unless your really have to know. Brandon got the RESIDENT EVIL disk for his game cube a week ago and the zombie's in the game have scared him so bad that he won't sleep in his room. I've been sleeping in his bed for about four or five days now. Needless to say, we took that game back and got him one of the ZELDA games. Much better! The symptoms that were making me ill have gone away. I must have ingested Aspartame (nutra-sweet) last week. It really makes me sick, destroys my equilibrium and makes me fell like there's a balloon inflated in my forehead. No idea how it got into anything I ate or drank. Quit drinking soda for the most part and have been making Kool-Aid instead. Nothing else really going on so I'll wrap this up.

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