Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Sometimes you find a real gem and then feel a wee bit like a silly little schoolgirl who just happened to get that action figure Barbie that you've wanted for months. Well, today I'm that schoolgirl! While surfing aimlessly around the web looking for free exciting music I stumbled upon a band called Ex-Girl. You can go to to their page at and listen to free MP3 files. My favorite by far is called "Rocket Keronian." I'm buying this motherfucker tonight so don't you fret. I dare you go go listen to those three songs, double dog fucking dare you, beeyatch!


Christian group in house tonight. All I can say is, "Just shut the fuck up!" I hate having to stand there while these groups pray before meals, I hate it even more when the prayer turns in to  a sob saturated rant about how the United States has gods squeal of approval, and that we are above every nation, and that we are a rich country because of this. BULLOCKS! This mindset is dangerous, it's the reason wars exist. Now I'll shut the fuck up.

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