Sunday, September 10, 2006


When I think back to the music that most influenced my ideas on music, or how I approach it even, I think of several different artists. Here are some of the groups that have changed my way I think and feel about music all together. The first band ever was of course:

beatles. I am the Walrus

I can still remember being and my Grandma's house listening to a 45 RPM single of The Beatles thinking, "HOLY SHIT, THIS IS WHAT MUSIC IS SUPPOSED TO BE!!!!"

The next major change came around 1976. I "inherited" a 8-track from one of the neighbors down the street, a guy who was about seven years older than me.


Then the whole New Wave thing hit big, and this guy, of all of them, had the biggest influence on the way I think in terms of music, or how I approach it:

Gary Numan - Praying To The Aliens - Live

Later on, after I was living on my own as an adult, I remember reading a music review in People magazine of all places. It was talking about a band who does "audio sculpture." This, of all bands, deconstructed my views on music.

SKINNY PUPPY - human disease

Anyway, major groups listed here that had the most influence.

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