Wednesday, April 28, 2004


Oh, it's over! That stretch that nearly killed me at work is finally over! I put in way too many hours at work last week. I feel ill and spent. The mesquite trees pollinating isn't helping things either. I feel like I got ran over just after I smoked about 10 packs of cigarettes. Tonight is the last function of this group that has been in house for the past two weeks. It's been good money but I'm glad to see them go. I want some semblance of freedom back in my life. I want a full day off.


It's been a weird road down dreamland. Lot's of Christian tainted dreams as of late. Also a butt load of doomsday dreams. One of the dreams I had a couple of nights ago was a nuclear blast that caused parts of the mountains to skid into Tucson and wipe out entire city blocks. I just kind of calmly stood by and thought that this isn't a good thing.


Take a look at the Interactive Multi-Lingual Demo. Type in sentences and the computer will speak it back to you. Pretty funny! You can even have it speak in Spanish. I've been calling my friends and leaving weird messages on their phone machines.

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