Friday, April 09, 2004


So the FCC is turning into Big Brother. They don't want Howard Stern talking about minty fresh pie holes or anal sex. George Bush and his ilk are using the FCC to play the part of Big Brother, how lovely. And to think that a little nipple started this landslide. I can't believe there are so many people that are offended over this shit. Hell, why don't you all just crawl in a hole with your bibles and wait for the end? Wouldn't it all be better that way? I'm tired of this bullshit pseudo morality. If you don't like it, turn the goddamned channel! It's a lot like my blog, if I offend you then you shouldn't be reading this because I'm one of the godless heathens. You might be lead astray by reading this and you will die a nasty eternity in a fiery pit created by a loving god. Now nobody take that personal! That's only directed at the frightened rabble.  If I were Howard I'd move to satellite and internet radio.


Boy, very weird. I dreamt that I was sucking up to the cooperate heads over at FUSE for some reason? Maybe it's because I want Juliya Chernetsky in a big way and this was the only way to get her. Who knows. I also had a dream that Paul Numan and James Cahn were in a new movie. They were wearing facials and talking about canning. Now, either I've fucking lost it or I'm being forced to watch way too much Lifetime for women television. The gray aliens have been at the center of my dreams a lot as well.

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