Sunday, April 11, 2004


Was it Jesus who came back from the dead or was it this guy? Isn't he dead yet? Man, it's got to be check out time, seriously! This is one of the last people I'd hand my kid over to. That poor little kid.


I've almost gotten into serious accidents twice in the past two days. Last night I was driving home from work and some asshole with California license plates cuts me off and almost causes me to smash into the median. I was going to post his plate here but I got back at that fucker. I got ahead of him at the next light then slowed down and wouldn't let him pass. I know I got back at him because he tried to follow me home after that. Good fun. Then on the way home today I'm going down far north Craycroft heading south. There is only two lanes and some fuckoff thought it was a good time to pass a car and came at me head on. I had to hit my breaks and go into the dirt or it would have been a head on collision. I so wish I could have turned around and followed that car to the next light! Some motherfucker would have gotten bitch slapped!


Make it stop! What in the fuck do these aliens want? It's been just about every night as of late. Very weird dreams, too weird to post.. No, no anal probing or anything like that, more like end of the world stuff.

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