Thursday, April 15, 2004


Spent Tuesday (my day off) with Dennis. First time I've spent any time with him since he got fired. We had a good time shooting the shit, went bowling and I bowled horribly. I bowled 118 for my first and last games and 126 for the middle game. Horrible. I blame my posture for most of it, and the lanes were too oily and I couldn't get my ball to hook properly. Then we went to the mall to people watch and look around at Boarders. I bought Stephen Kings Dream Catcher and The Green Mile. We ate over priced mall Chinese food, that sucked, then I had to run home and pick up Brandon from School. Then it was off to take Josie to see the Doctor for a routine checkup. He's my doctor as well and gave me a lecture on being overweight and eating smaller portions. I know all of this already, I know I'm overweight, I know I don't exercise enough, I know all of this. Hey, I work around food all day just about every day. It's great food too, it's not your run of the mill hotel food, or even resort food as far as it goes. The food at work is excellent, my wife doesn't cook so I enjoy great food that I don't have to cook when I have the opportunity! I do need to loose weight though.


Who out there is reading this blog that is in the military? I keep getting hits on this blog from a navy computer. Identify yourself!


The weird dreams continue. I was trying to find a clock in my dreams the other night and every time I did the time read different. Spent a long time doing this. Also had a dream where they were making porn movies. The deeper my sleep was the better the movies were, every time I was about to wake up they lessened in quality. Now, there wasn't any porn action in this dream, they were printing the movies to sell. Weird. I will say this one thing, I'm friends with a lot of hot chicks in the dream world, so I've got that going for me.

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