Monday, November 06, 2006


This is the deck I use,
not the actual reading

Below is a reading I did as a practice for a friend of mine. She told me this was so dead on that she couldn't understand how I could be so accurate! I actually get this a lot. I just want to get to the point where I know the cards so much better than what I do now. Practice!!

Querent hasn't had the patience or understanding of things lately. Not using your will as you should or being weak willed. Your not as naive or innocent as you project yourself to be, or as others see you. You need to start making yourself clear and to the point. You are acting out because you feel burdened, like there is too much resting on your shoulders. Chaos in your life is letting up now, and should hit a period of getting better. You still need to sacrifice yourself, your efforts, your time. At present, you seem to be fighting. You have been the kind giver of things. Lately you feel you have failed and this is making you sad. The projected outcome from all this is that if you do not use your skills wisely, whether they be physical, emotional, or spiritual, you will not achieve that which you hope to achieve.


Greg said...

Cool. What's the name of that deck?
I have the "Classic Rider" and a "Tarot of the Ages" deck (Cups are Aztec, Swords are Norse...).
I used to have all of the Major Arcana memorized, but let it slip. I think I too need to work on that :)

Joe said...

New Palladini Tarot is the deck I use, there is a link to a review below this post....