Friday, November 17, 2006


I pulled this post due to the reaction it may be getting from some people. I realize how insane it is. No I don't take meds. It is one of a series of events that led me to the conclusion. This series of events happened starting at around age three, or I can remember back that far. They happened up to as close as six years ago. If it were a once in a life time event, I'd have my doubts too. If the same exact thing, down to the scenario, hadn't happened to other people, people who had no idea how and what happened to me but explained the exact same thing happening to them, same age, same style, then I might have some doubts. Truth is, I can remember some of these things just like it were a few days ago. Things can't always be explained away. Labeling them as the devil is narrow minded and the easy way out. I have no real answers about why. I would love to have some answers.


Anonymous said...

was the hand hairy or E.T like?

Anonymous said...

tvor [at] - I've had some "interesting" experiences in my life, too - some that only a small number of people (like 1 or 2) know about because they were, I felt, open minded enough to either understand or accept it.