Friday, November 03, 2006


Here we are again with the self righteous doing the very thing they say is so evil, a.k.a. doing meth and taking it up the ass. Is this how the chosen act? Yes, in fact, it is how they act. I don't get it, why the games? If your going to smoke meth, or pot, or cocks, just fucking do it and stop pretending your so god damned holy! This is what you want to do, it's your desire, it's your carnal self. "OPEN THE CAGE!" as one of my gay friends puts it. Actually, it sounds more like Open de Gage! because he's also from Mexico, but unlike this " I'm so perfect that Jesus has a special candy coated castle in the sky for me" false piece of shit, my friend is very open about who he is, and doesn't feel the least bit bad or sorry for what he does. Oh, by the way, I've never scored meth, fucked a prostitute, or received a massage from a meth smoking prostitute, but according from this cock hole I'm going to hell. I'm sure good old Gee Dubbaya is loving his connection with this shit hole right now! Cast another one for the right wing, they really have killed evil and done a fine old job. Elections are just a few days away, this will make everything right as rain! Jesus, pour some sugar on me!!!

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