Monday, June 26, 2006


Remember one simple fact when you go to a wedding or a persons party, that you are a GUEST, and nothing more. This means that power drinking to the point where you throw up all over everything, and then proceed to act like an ass reflects poorly on you and the people who invited you to such an event. If you are the parents of such a person, and have the knowledge that your child has drank way too much, maybe it isn't such a good idea to keep buying him drinks, especially if he has a cold towel pressed on his forehead to keep him from passing out. Also, people need to get one thing straight, drunk or not. NEVER treat the person serving you food poorly. Why? Because that is the person handling your food to begin with. Nuff said. Oh, I do have the authority to take your alcohol away and will do so. Trust me on this one!!! Now sit down and behave...

Animusic 2 - 01 - Starship Groove

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solid advice