Friday, June 16, 2006


I have to laugh at the shit people search for and find this page. Mostly sick bastards looking for a cheap thrill. Well, you're not going to find cheap thrills here in the form of porn! Man, what a hoot! Here are some of the most recent searches that lead to my blog being found:

blogspot nude
why juliya got fired
Asian sex
Asian Women
www son f***ing mother .con
[Edited that one too keep the perverts away]
girls in stockings
juliya chernetsky
juliya chernetsky nude

So, if you are looking for naked pictures of Asian women in stockings, your shit out of luck. I suggest going here [CLICK] if you want that. They have TONS of that. As far as Juliya Chernetsky goes, never met her, don't know her. I think she is HOT as hell but never seen her nude. And I don't even know if she's on FUSE any longer. Fuse is going down hill. Might as well just watch MTV at this point, what's the difference? Now, go away you perverts, I have nothing to offer you.

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